What do we do?

BCreativ provides digital solutions for individuals, micro, and small businesses.  We can help build your brand through creative, attention grabbing graphic and web designs.

BCreativ encourages all positive forms of artistry and has provided an online marketing platform for all things create.  It is free to display your work on the Creativ Shop.  Fees only applied when your work is sold.

paint splash.png
paint splash.png

Web & Graphic Solutions

Having a visually relative, mobile-friendly, and accessible website has become increasingly important as we technologically advance as a society.

More and more people are connecting through the internet and social media.  Therefore, you need attention grabbing graphics that are aligned with your brand and your website.  Cohesiveness is everything!  Your brand and concept should give your customers or audience a clear and cohesive message.

Using creativity and visual artistry, BCreativ will digitally bring your concepts to life.

The Creativ Shop


The Creativ Shop is an online platform where artists can promote or sell their products online!  There is NO sign-up fee.  Artists can manage their own products and we will help to market them.



BPositiv bracelets are not only positively charged but a portion of each purchase will be donated to 1 of 3 organizations of your choice:

1. Alzheimers & Dementia Association of the Cayman Islands


2.  The Breast Cancer Foundation


3.  The Mental Health Foundation.